Flowing through time

River Parvati at Barsheni

I walked by her curves,
deafened by her growls.
She twisted and turned,
curved, at times carved.
Goddess of love in myth,
with her flow, my faith.

I was walking through time,
an unruly child by me growing old.
Her growls, now a symphony;
hastiness in her flow, reluctance.

Why wouldn’t she? – i thought.
She was leaving her father’s lap,
daughter of the mighty mountain god.

While trekking uphill to Kheerganga, Parvati is a ferocious mountain river. She is cold and scary while graciously beautiful. She commands reverence, her presence would instill faith in you.

Trek downhill with her and you will see her in a different light. Initially she carves through rocks & plucks few trees; jumping from heights like a mighty goddess kid. There is no straight path for her then. But with every step away from her father, I could sense a growing calmness in her. She is growing… from a child to a goddess.


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