On Murthal

On Murthal

Originally posted on The Woman Inc.:
by Meha Khanduri This article nearly never got written because as I start to write on the issue I start seeing red. When India was raptly watching students of a prestigious university go through a long drama of whether slogan shouting students had committed sedition or not…rampaging mobs were…

How amazon screwed up…TWICE & more

PS: I know it’s a long post, my apologies, but it’s very important that you read it. Have you ever thought why YOU the customer who pays for a service have to abide THEIR  (amazon et al) policies and terms? They ask for your trust, but they don’t trust you. They apologize but they are not accountable! … Continue reading

Bija Mandal, Khajuraho… an ode to ASI

Every time I walk into a historical monument, often centuries old, I wonder how it survived time. May it be the 1500 year old Chittorgarh fort and the structures in it or the ‘much younger’ fort in Delhi. These buildings have seen the extremes of everything, some has witnessed the start and end of an … Continue reading