How amazon screwed up…TWICE & more


I know it’s a long post, my apologies, but it’s very important that you read it.

Have you ever thought why YOU the customer who pays for a service have to abide THEIR  (amazon et al) policies and terms?

They ask for your trust, but they don’t trust you. They apologize but they are not accountable!

I don’t care about the paltry amount of money I lost, I am worried about this attitude. Fight with me please, leave your comments to show support. AND SHARE.

I will shortly update the chat transcripts and email screen shots with Amazon. Also my social media posts and their engagements. And a plan of action. The only thing which will affect them at the top of such establishments is loss of potential customers


I doubt I’ll ever have a more horrible day than today.

It started with me placing an order on 14th of this month with Amazon India. I just quit my job and next week I plan to travel into a remote part of the country for a week. I was looking for a power bank and zeroed on OnePlus as I use their phone and thought they would produce good products. So the order was placed and promptly paid upfront. (Order number: # 171-7431924-2062746). I received the same on 20th and was really happy.

the oneplus power bank i received

But in two days time i realized that it was not charging my phone beyond two full cycles (even when the phone was switched off while charging) and also stopped charging when the LED shows 25% battery left (one led active). So as a good ‘idiotic‘ consumer, i tested again & again and asked few other folks who own a OnePlus and this battery bank. Once I was sure that the power-bank isn’t working fine, i requested for help on 27th July. There starts the great customer service story.

Being a marketing & customer relationship professional, I first used their chat and opted for a transcript of the same. I have a habit of keeping records.

The first USELESS chat

I was attended by Ms.Shraddha. She was polite in her language and politely offered me a refund or replacement. When i pointed out that they do not have any in stock, she asked me to buy a different brand. She would also not confirm whether the number of times the product should charge my phone. For every question I asked, she offered me an apology for ‘unable to answer’ as a response. She wouldn’t know when the power bank will come on stock, she wouldn’t know the technical specifications of the power bank.

I felt sorry for her, honestly. :/

I wasn’t sure about the options as I wanted a power bank desperately, that’s why I paid for it with a credit card which is charging me interest on all swipes as i have some outstanding with them. So I asked her for time to think and closed the chat.

Suddenly a pop-up asked me whether I was satisfied. No I wasn’t and i honestly replied. Amazon offered me a call back and I agreed.

The arrogance personified over the phone

I then received a call from a gentleman, Mr.Benjamin from the ‘escalation department’. He too offered me the same option. Refund or buy a different brand.

I was confused, tired and angry. Yet we politely talked to each other. But I could sense an arrogance & reluctance in his responses. When I raised my voice a bit, he suddenly said:

“Oh Wait! I have one power bank in stock, I don’t know how but it is there.” (sic).

Now I was surprised! Honestly, i know how online sales work, having handled online sales of Bose few years back. So I asked Is it a refurbished piece or something? Are you sure it’s a fresh stock? I don’t have time to take chance”.

I guess he was hurt by the question, great ownership I say. He defended Amazon with the best of his knowledge i English. I was fooled into accepting the replacement. The pick-up was arranged for 28th July but I couldn’t come to office on 28th and Amazon never gave me a chance in their website to change it. So when the pick-up guy came, I asked him to come on 29th July. The pick-up was promptly done.

Meanwhile, I started receiving emails & scores of messages that my replacement is on its way! (#404-4843954-1460325).

I was happy … and impatient!

I am a fool! or so they think

Today morning, as I was going down for a stroll I met a courier guy, he was just returning from my office after delivering my courier. I thanked him, cracked few jokes and ran up to office. There it is, waiting on my table. I open my new (replaced but new) OnePlus power bank.

Upon opening the box, I saw scratches all over the body. Oh boy!


I took the product out and guess what!

I was furious! For a second time, in spite of me ;pointing out this possibility to Benjamin, I was conned by Amazon.

I went social and shared it with folks on twitter. Meanwhile I also went on Amazon site and cancelled the “out for delivery’ replacement order.

Now, I had a need and a time limitation. I trusted two brands.

They failed, TWICE. 

So, i requested for a chat and the ever apologetic Mr.Rex greeted me.

Apologetic but proactive Rex

Now Rex is an amazing guy, he relates to me, understands my frustration, offers a refund ... and he initiates a refund without even asking me!

I want a power bank before i leave for hills and I have no time to visit the local electronics market. That’s all I wanted. And now they have managed to make me angry by screwing up twice.

What would you do? Say Sorry and shove some cash on my face? Not just that, he happily arranged a pick-up on a Saturday, for which I will have to come to my office on a bloody weekend which they have already managed to spoil. Of course, consumer’s convenience is not worth a penny right?

As a customer who trusted a brand, gave money for a product I have never seen and got screwed twice, why the flying duck should I agree to their conditions of refund and pick-up

That’s it, I lost my temper and offered him time till today evening and a refund within 24 hours. I am sure they won’t, even if they can. If they agree to one consumer, its a precedence.

ICING ON CAKE: Colleague while checking the damage, almost fainted after inhaling a strange odour coming out of the broken power bank! I am consulting with legal team on whom to sue, oneplus or amazon

But genuinely, are we consumers/customers idiots?

  1. We pay for a service we haven’t seen
  2. We are asked to pay it before or on delivery
  3. When the product is faulty, we are asked to wait for a new one (a long wait)conveniently forgetting whose mistake it was!
  4. And if you ask for a refund, they pick the product first and then refund you “sometime” in the future.Because its the FUCKING PROCESS.

So why can’t we the customer have a process? 

I have decided that either Amazon picks up the product today (which won’t happen of course as it’s already 5 P.M.) and return my money by tomorrow. I seriously hope they don’t.

If not, I am going to frame this product and carry it with me (hanging on my neck) with a suitable tag line and a QR code to this post. I will market their excellent customer service. (Not to forget the legal and other possible steps I will take).


3 thoughts on “How amazon screwed up…TWICE & more

  1. DJ bro. Don’t let it go.. this is pure cheating on part of Amazon. I have always maintained that if a person pays for something over an e-commerce site, it is to get the product, not to spend sleepless nights, wastage of time and then to get the money back 2-3 months later. If that was the objective, the PSU banks are good enough.

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