#monsoon2014 – a virtual chase


Let me thank you first for dropping by. It means a lot.

I love rains, and i guess you too love rains. I think of rain as a holy union of two major elements of the world we live in – the sky above us and the earth beneath us. Its a moment of oneness for me. As if nature is making love.

The dark clouds, the breeze which carry the smell of wet earth, the wind, the downpour, the tiny streams by the road, the dustless air, the enhanced colours of nature all around us… i love everything about rain. Everything before and everything after it too.

pic above: when the rain came rushing to me at Udaipur

But this love turned its course few weeks back into an interest, and now a thirst for knowledge pertaining to monsoon.

It started with ‘Chasing the monsoon’ by Alexander Frater which a good friend was kind enough to lend (and which i refused to return). Though the book was a bit dramatized to appeal a casual reader, it created a desire in my mind, to do what Frater did. Few weeks later, i came to know that, i was not the only victim to this thought. There are folks who embarked on a 3 month journey, Chasing Monsoons!

But with my job and strained finances, i am unable to pursue this chase. Hence, i decided to chase monsoon virtually using tweets, pictures & updates from my friends across the country. Till then, it was love & passion. I was thrilled by the response from my friends, fellow rain lovers.

One amongst them, @Zenrainman, changed the course of this passion. Now its a mission to understand my beloved monsoon, to learn a bit more about how this undefined natural force moves amongst us. To understand how it affects, not just through droughts & floods, but also on our culture, festivals and beyond.

So starting with the onset of monsoon, i request you to post anything (related to rain of course) –

  • pictures,
  • short videos,
  • sounds (of thunder, rain or anything related to Monsoon)
  • updates announcing rain or clouds (preferably with location),
  • festivals & cultural practices around rain,
  • even updates about lakes & rivers affected by rains.
  • You can share good & bad, or anything which you think is even loosely related to rain or monsoon.

Please do use the hash-tag #monsoon2014 so that we can search & follow all updates. We will also try to storify and bring all the content to one location.

Also, kindly share this concept & persuade your folks & friends to contribute. The more information we have, the more we learn & understand Monsoon. For those who look at rains in an academic perspective & for folks like me who just love rains selflessly, we will be indebted to you for your every update.

The result can be amazing. Did you know, right from the Ayurvedic massages of Kerala to the livelihood of fishermen, everything is directly or indirectly related to this mysterious phenomena called Monsoon. Many cultures, food, festival, and much more are woven around Monsoon.

Lets collect them, decipher & understand, and who knows, in this process we may find something which might change us altogether.

You can register yourself here so that I can follow you & you can find fellow rain lovers:
the #Monsoon2014 reporters

pic above: the cenotaphs under a clouded sky in Jodhpur

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