Daughter of Nazareth

i wrote this after reading an article about the untimely death of a young journalist. She committed suicide to experience death many years back. Few years back, my sister’s best friend too did the same. I never and will never understand this. Suicide is never an option in life. If she is up there among the stars, i hope she will answer me some day…and repent.

Born amongst trees,
Brought up with words,
Daughter of Nazareth,
Visitor of the dead’s.

Did the sea in the breeze,
Hurt the wounds in your heart?
Did the silence in the solitude,
Shatter the thoughts of your mind?

Or was it the charm,
To embrace the only truth?
Or was it the path,
That lay shrouded in black?

What made you do,
What mortals fear to do?
Why did you consume,
Those poisonous fumes?

Oh, Daughter of Nazareth.
What did you do?
Did you not hear,
The death bells of their smiles?

They who smiled at you,
Shall never smile for you.
Those who earned for your words,
Shall never read them without hurts.

Oh, Daughter of Nazareth.
What did you do?

One thought on “Daughter of Nazareth

  1. hmm..Doulos there are reasons far too deep for tears…they who claim to love only claim and they who say they belong only say. The struggle of a boatman in raging river is his alone…and sometimes the boat sinks

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