Ajmer or beyond; monsoons in Rajasthan (III)

in continuation to bus ride to the monsoon hunt – monsoons in Rajasthan (II)

Dawn was happening silently, i checked my pocket for money, it was still safely there. Cold air streamed in through the ventilation on the roof of the cabin. Half asleep travellers, held by virtual seat belts swayed with the bus. Still lingering over the thought, “should i get down at Ajmer?”

We moved on, lush green fields passing by us towards Delhi, as if they were running to catch a train. The roads in Rajasthan are beautiful, well tarred (at least compared to ones in Himachal & Uttarakhand). The highway stretched till the horizon, with a slight curve and a flyover ahead of me.

Some time later, the bus stopped underneath a fly-over, Ajmer just happened.

I was too lazy to get-up, for me Jodhpur just happened. Driver’s cabin was almost empty, so were some seats. Outside the window, a bunch of guys just stopped their mud laden 4*4 at the red-light; they were all covered in dirt.

A little after Ajmer, i saw a small town with hills on one side. Conductor of the bus asked me to sit in the rear, seems like my pleasure trip in the ‘Cabin seat’ just got over.

I dozed off in one of the semi-reclining seats, but not for long. The bus halted outside a dhaba for breakfast just outside Ajmer. Time to stretch my legs and see the contraption in which I was travelling.

Most folks inside the bus along with the driver ran to the back-yard of the dhaba for a loo-break. I joined them to find a long line outside the few operational toilets, their stink being their identification mark. The driver took sympathy on me and asked me to join him, we walked past the toilets into the fields behind. He asked me to pee at any spot of my liking. Natures call has to be answered to nature, his motto it seems. He went few yards further and disappeared behind thick shrubs.

I was still coming in terms with the new found silence. The morning rays of the new born Sun was mild, accompanied by slight mist, enriching the atmosphere in a faint glow. Moments like these are when i curse myself for not buying a professional camera. My Nokia cell phone artificially lights up the scene, poor machines can’t understand the perfection of this imperfectly lit country side.

Back in the bus, i decided to sleep but Sun grew stronger by minute, playing hide and seek amongst the fluffy cumulus clouds. Or were they cumulonimbus? One more thing i need to learn soon. The country side beyond the windows were too inviting for my eyes to rest. I stared out and kept staring till Jodhpur.

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