For the love of doors & windows…Bikaner

18th February, 2014

It was a Monday yesterday, as always i saw frustration everywhere. So i switched off my phone, and stared at the lazy faces around and at the faces of them, travellers.

A 16 hour pit-stop at Bikaner, on my way from Jaisalmer to Delhi, was one of the best decisions i made in this trip.

This is an Hors d’oeuvre … a post on the beautiful doors & windows of Bikaner… dedicated to the lady who loves doors.

Junagarh Fort of Bikaner is probably the best maintained & managed fort in Rajasthan, also one of the most beautiful fort from inside.

My tour started with me waiting for the ‘free’ palace guide, in front of this door:

And then i saw this door, it was love at first sight (Junagarh Fort):

But then this door happened, and i am confused now:

So i ran into the ‘children’s room, where the royal kids saw clouds & rain through wall paintings, and there was this one amongst dark blue clouds & lightning:

And then there was ‘the rich husband’ or ‘the prized wife’…this pure sliver door:

But then ‘the woods’ responded with this beauty, carved out of walnut wood from Kashmir: 

Some exits need no doors, like this one leading to the roof:

And some doors rarely open, they become home to the ones who need no doors nor roof:

And some creates the mirage of a different world, safe beyond their locked self:

With so many doors in my mind, i ran out of the fort into Bikaner.

I ran and ran, till i reached the great wall of the city.

I saw the Sun heading to its dorm on my right,

A little left to the Sun  was the Jain Temple build by Seth Bhandashah.

And in there i saw the most beautiful painting ever made on the inside of a door:

I ran out into the streets, through the old city of Bikaner.

There were doors every where, arranged in such symmetry.

Through the narrow lanes,
a quick right there and a turning here,
i reached there at last…
the Mecca of doors & windows,
Rampuria Havelis of Bikaner

I stared at them from down under,
they looked at me and then to the far sky:

I ran again, more with my eyes than my legs.
I met some doors, they looked younger than me…
but wiser by few centuries.

Some so brightly dressed,
with Rampuria halo of nobility around them:

Some held their breath as i passed by them,
seemed like a salute or a greeting.

Maybe it is a door salute!

Mesmerized by doors & windows,
i forgot to ask: where is the wall?

Maybe you can point out the walls for me,
because i surely didn’t see them on my way.

I walked back, with so many doors & windows,
safely locked behind my mind’s door.

I walked a long way till I saw them again.
They looked at me and then to the far sky.

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