A 10th century pond and 21st century monkeys!

Awesome Sundays continue…yesterday was another such Sunday!

While doing a test drive of my recently repaired car, I ended up at Surajkund. I’m mighty pleased that I did.

pic above: the pathway to Suraj kund

I sat there, by a thousand year old pond,
The soul of it, the water, long gone.

Then the birds and crickets chose to sing in tandem,
and the monkeys roamed around random.

Where a toad climbed the steps to stare at me,
While I stared at the reflections of Sun above me.

And then i followed a dragon-fly,
Till it chose to fly too high.

A monkey chose to walk me to the gates,
And I talked to him like mates.

Remnants of a long lost world,
A pond with its story untold.

Surajkund is a pond where history hides. Its considered to have been built before 10th century by the Tomar  kings. The pamphlet by Archaeology Dept. claims that it existed before the pre-Islamic era. The pond resembles the rising Sun with the curve towards the East (where one enters through the pathway, refer the pic above).

pic below: map of Surajkund behind Archaeology Departments pamphlet

pics below: Surajkund, a pond from the pre-Islamic times

Even water has almost abandoned this historic pond except for a puddle, thanks to last weeks rain. The pond is inhabited by monkeys, and that too, a lot of them.

pic below: 21st Century Monkeys

One of them followed me till the gate as if he was ensuring my safe passage.

pics below: and he walked me to the gate

Well they do have rogues in monkey world too. This chap climbed on a car nearby and stole its antennae! When i made a noise, he looked at me and smiled as if he didn’t care.

pic above: the rogue

My mind was calm when i drove across the Aravali, not sure whether it was the pond or was it the nature around me? I rode slowly under a beautiful sky, which was now a canvas of the greatest artist ever.

pics below: the painted sky

20 thoughts on “A 10th century pond and 21st century monkeys!

  1. DJ! Read a lot of your posts today. Had to catch up on a lot of reading. The way you write is very engaging and now I am already waiting for your next post!

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