After & before a short kiss


Few weeks back, i saw a strange dream. Attempted to pen it, but failed miserably (as always). Once the draft was ready, i had send it to few good folks (bloggers & friends) for their inputs. All of them tried to encourage me to re-write but i sacked the thought, story writing was never my forte.

One of them, Shiuli, rewrote it for me…rather, breathed life into my dream with her words. This was a dream which i saw, but this post/story is hers. Since she wouldn’t post it on her blog, because it was my dream, and since i think that the poor dream deserves to be told, hence sharing…

(You should visit Shiuli’s blog or follow her on twitter, highly recommended)


Something unusual happened today. I woke up early, eyes still dazed with a curtain of sleep, sub-consciously still playing a dream in my head. Sunlight filtered into the room as I sat astounded, the dream playing in my head, every detail crystal clear. Some dreams, they leave you flustered, they have neither a definite beginning, nor a clear ending. They just are.

The Dream

He was climbing a staircase, with her bag in his hand. It was her decision to move back, he hated it. He hated this taxing task of moving. He was annoyed, it was written in the hard lines on his face. His friend was a few steps ahead of him, carrying what looked like a coffee table with paint stains all over it. It was covered with a thin film of dust. Her father was at the door, he welcomed his friend with a smile. “Yaha pe beta”, he pointed to a corner and asked his friend to leave the table there. He looked surprised, his friend. It seemed like he didn’t expect her to have such a beautiful house. He looked around and mumbled something that sounded like ‘Beautiful’. He then went down to collect the rest of the bags.

He was waiting for her at the door and I was growing restless to see her face. This woman, whom I’m dreaming about, who I have no real-life connection with, who’s the star of my dream tonight. A hand appeared at the corner of the staircase, then a figure in a loosely worn long saffron kurti. My eyes, their irises dipped in dream’s world, locked onto her face. From her wheatish complexion to her big, beautiful eyes to her Roman nose, she looked like a verse a poet would pen.

She climbed the staircase slowly, adjusting the oversized bags in her hands. There was an air of stubbornness about her as she climbed the staircase, she looked beautiful. They went inside the house. While he exchanged a few customaries with her father, she decided to march straight into her room. It was a small room with only a bed and a study table for furniture. Unlike her dusty coffee table, the furniture and the other fixtures in the room looked like it had been carefully selected to blend into the décor. She sighed loudly, dropped the bags at the floor and toppled onto the bed, face sagging into the mattress.

He came into the room and placed her bags on the table. He waited for her to acknowledge his presence but she didn’t move a muscle. He sat on the bed and looked at her frame. There wasn’t a hint of either love or lust in his eyes. “Why did you stay with us when you have such a beautiful house right next to your office?” he asked. She didn’t respond. From his expression, I could see that he never really understood her. “You are the most mysterious person I have ever known” he mused. She still didn’t respond. He crawled up to her on the bed and started to sing “Jaane do naa…” She lifted her face and smiled at him. Slowly, she wrapped her right leg around his leg and hummed “Arrey nahi nahi…” He laughed along with her.

They could hear his friend’s voice in the hall; he was talking to her father. He looked at her, listening to the snippets of conversation between his friend and her father. Suddenly, he leaned towards her and kissed her. It didn’t last long, their lips hardly brushed against each other. As he moved back, he only saw her eyes, those beautiful eyes that weren’t clouded with anger. He was puzzled; he mumbled an apology and tried to get up. But she didn’t unwrap her leg from his; neither did she blink her eyes. He looked all the more confused.

Her father’s voice drifted towards her room. In an instant, they sat upright on the bed, on the opposite corners. Her father came in and said, “Aa jao beta, juice pee lo”. Her father smiled and turned around, he followed her father out of the door. She waited for a few moments and left the room too, her expression, unchanged.

Me? Through the curtain of dream, I was left just as puzzled as them, left alone to wonder what just happened in my head.

PS: Thank you Shiuli, I couldn’t have explained my dream better than this. You are brilliant with words :)

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