A Dog’s Life – written & blogged by Zennfish

This is the first time i am re-blogging a blog. I feel its a must read folks & maybe you might want to share it too. I hope that people do start looking at dogs as living beings rather than an object which they can destroy and harm at their will.


A piece i wrote after a pack of stray dogs mauled a baby to death in Bangalore following which they were captured to be culled.

The night is hanging over my head, a blanket of navy black splattered with tiny sparkles. A light breeze is making its way over and around me. I see little Sonu at a distance. He is asking his mother something excitedly making her laugh with delight. But I can’t bring myself to enjoy this beautiful night.

A small whimper escapes me despite myself. I lie down still as the night, head on my paws, an ear stands upright. My body is bruised with the stones pelted at me. It has happened occasionally in the past. But most of the time they are indifferent to me, as I am to them. Sometimes people call out and offer pieces of bread, most of which are stale, but…

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