The prostitutes husband

Wow, our society has evolved to such level of acceptance?! I don’t know whether its good or bad, but it definitely re-writes our understanding about love and its jurisdictions.


And i replied to her: i wonder such men exists! u know, allowing her to choose the career she wants…sound very extreme no? just a random thot






It was just a thought, but the thought slowly evolved into a beautiful thought. Questions popped up, so did answers.

If we consider prostitution like any other job, would it matter?

By being in love mean you own your spouse’s body?

Is relationships all about sex or much beyond?

What is selfless love?

No concrete answers, but can someone love his wife so selflessly that he would let her do anything, even prostitution. Reminds me of an article i read somewhere, a woman (an artist) confessed that she was addicted to sex! – i wonder whether she had a lover who understood her.

PS: this is some excerpts from the conversation, not in any specific order. Click on the date of each tweet and it will take you to the conversation page…that is, if you would like to think about ‘the prostitutes husband’

18 thoughts on “The prostitutes husband

  1. That was mind blowing!

    But how many consider it as just another job? Only a handful? and most prostitutes dont want their children to follow their footsteps so it is just an adjustment born out of the situation. Nothing great about it IMO.

    • i route this compliment to those conversation builders (the good folks who replied to my tweets on twitter) :)

      The social status of prostitution is indeed a challenge but then its also an opportunity. Opportunity for someone to prove his unconditional love (irrespective of her job)…if something like that exists :)

      And not all are forced into prostitution, in many cases, its big money & less effort. I have heard about college students (men & women) who follow this path for few years.

      But, i wasn’t thinking about prostitution while writing this post, i am more interested in the prostitutes husband :)

  2. Interesting debate. One should respect the man who loves his wife knowing she is a commercial sex worker. One point: No woman gets into it being very happy coz she gotta earn a living and she probably has less choice. Prostitution is the oldest profession and it is one of the professions in the world.

    • I now, i never expected it to turn out so interesting :)

      What bothers me is not whether prostitution is right or its social status…but can someone love a woman such that he lets her choose her profession, even if its prostitution?

      Is that what we all try to achieve, called the unconditional love?

  3. Hey, thought it may appear superfical, i will have no problem seeing my wife choose her profession but also work timing. Perhaps, it got something to do with the fact that ive been a journo and seen girls, including married woman staying till very late in office. Let’s wake up and see changes in society. If you love someone, what matters is the self and respecting his or her individuality)

  4. Think to a level higher. Where we move from physical and spiritual. One true God and He is our Lord and we leave him and go toward other unknown human made gods, idols we commit spiritual adultery and yet God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son(Jesus) that who shall ever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  5. It’s a tough question to answer. And probably there is more than one answer to it. But it is a thought… to ponder. A great post!

  6. a comment i received vide FB from a good friend and a student of TISS:

    Just read. It is an interesting read. I found your language a little problematic.. don’t hate me for saying this though.

    Just using terms like,
    Would a man ‘ALLOW’ her to choose the career she want

    No concrete answers, but can someone love his wife so selflessly that he WOULD LET HER DO ANYTHING, even prostitution!!

    Erm! I’ve worked with sex workers last year. a lot of them love their job and mostly don’t need their husbands permission to do what they want cause their husbands,many of whom are unemployed, are happy with their work and the money they get to sustain the households. A lot of these women get into the profession because of financial crisis and thus when they get money for the family, most husbands are happy.

    I see it as work anyday. Trafficking and sex work are two different things. trafficking is done for domestic work and forced labour too. I don’t approve of trafficking but I do, of sex work and think it should be given the same recognition as a 9-6 job or even more as their is immense amount of emotional, mental and physical labour going into it.

    Also, statements talking of the level of acceptance like and not knowing if it is “good or bad” sound rude to me. We are no moral police to decide whats good and bad na? Just saying.

    – Veronica Xavier

    • That’s a very valid point. How constricted is our thought process!

      But here, when i tweeted this question, i was talking of my perspective & shaping my thoughts, naturally i was thinking of a woman prostitute.

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