A hill, a river & me – a silent chat!

Hey you, you mighty hill,
How you stand so still?
When she, the beautiful river,
Flow by you, with such fervor!

 She has many lovers like me,
Some are mightier than me.
But she is no ones to keep forever,
Not theirs, not mine, nor yours forever.

My love for her is not to bind her,
But to witness the might in her.
To hear her music as she flow by me,
To bear her fury as she flow by me.

Hey you, you mighty river,
One who makes everything shiver.
How come you not spare him, your lover,
But erode his sides, with every hour!

By the biggest hills that witnessed the birth of me,
By the snow so pure, that gave birth to me,
I love him  with every drop in me,
My love is so pure, that i don’t need him with me.

Our love is so true that you will never know,
Its as true as my destiny to flow,
For, every moment i flow by his side,
I carry with me a bit of his sands.

He may die for your eyes.
For me, he is alive within my tides.

We chatted for long – talked about the tides of time, the Moon and Sun. But it was their love, unselfish, that taught me of Love.

For a man to love his woman, he need not have her, within him forever.  His love is true, when he let her live at her will. And for her, the purpose of life is him, to carry the silts from him, to take him to places he could never visit.

I once loved a woman, and i never told her! For me, the truth of my love was the unselfishness in letting her live a better life she deserved. Have you loved someone like us?

PS: this picture was clicked on my way to Uttarkashi. She, Bhagirathi is a sight to witness, carving her way through the mighty mountains. A trip which i shall never forget, like my love for the river which shall never die.

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