Update: Some travel notes in pipeline

Off late, I have been busy travelling.

Most of you follow me on twitter and know it. But for those who spare their precious time in reading my blog, here is what i did recently:

Last week i went home to meet my parents. But the wanderer in me took it as an opportunity to explore Wayanad, rather do a sneak preview of what Wayanad has to offer. I will share some notes and pictures from that trip soon.

Kerala trip also offered me a chance to witness Thrissur Pooram, a festival with some 200 years of history, the result of a mastermind ruler Shaktan Thampuran.

I am heading to Kashipur (hopefully) this weekend to witness a mela (festival) and take a safari through Jim Corbett. Some more travel is in pipeline, which i shall post once they get confirmed.

But, the travel notes on Kerala and my upcoming travel will have to wait till i finish my long pending travel notes.

So what’s next? Currently, you are reading about my Ahmedabad trip. After that, i will share notes on my ‘epic’ Chittorgarh trip followed by Kerala notes.

Stay tuned and please bear with my laziness :)

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