One last hug & one last kiss.

He spread his arms, as wide as he could,
”Nobody harms”, said he; as loud as he could.

They cut her arms off; the cradle on which he slept once,
They held him tight; he whimpered at once.

Axe went up & down, splinters flying through air,
Every strike they made, she swayed in the air.

The wood that spilled were blood for him,
Of the mighty tree, mother to him.

Wish they knew what that mango tree meant for him,
Wish they knew it was the mother he lost in his birth.

Every sway was now a blur,
His eyes moist by the hour.

“I beg you, I beg you” he wailed in vain,
For they knew nothing of his pain.

The tree swayed wider, the birds flew higher;
They have seen it, so they moved farther.

Here was his chance, the only chance.
He sprang past, to hug her once.

Somebody shouted, ‘Come back you idiot’.
Nobody cared to bring back the idiot.

He spread his arms, as wide as he could,
”Nobody harms”, said he; as loud as he could.

Shouted the old man, beggar of the town,
”Somebody save him, the tree is coming down”.

He couldn’t hear them, he couldn’t see them;
The tree was all that he cared above him.

He hugged the tree, he kissed the tree,
”Please don’t leave me” – he told the tree.

The tree swayed down to hug her son,
Broke her back and fell upon her son.

The old man gasped, and they shouted;
No voice could do what they wanted.

“He is at peace at last” chirped the bird,
”With the mother he kissed in his death”, said the bird.


They buried him there, under the tree;
They marked his grave with the trunk of his tree.

If you ever chance to wander into that town,
You will see a mango tree in the centre of the town.

There you shall see a trunk, by the tree;
Where once he hugged & kissed a tree.

Update on 7th April 2013:

What do you think about coincidence? If you are wondering what i am referring to (even if you are not), read this:

My post is just a starter in comparison to this post by a blogger i just came to know by coincidence, again!

17 thoughts on “One last hug & one last kiss.

  1. simple but emotional poem. It is written with a heart and evokes our senses for life, beauty and everything that matters to a human being:)

      • hey Nomad, thank you so much and I’m humbled by such kind words. I keep improving and try to push my creative side. Your writing is absolutely brilliant:)

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