What am I? – said the mysterious ruins!

Like my friend Sukalp the photographer said: “…in Delhi you bump into a monument at every turn…”.

And i did bump into a monument, when i went to drop my friend at her posh South Delhi apartment.

A stone throw away from the busy outer ring road of Delhi, this monument, well preserved (or should i say destroyed by excess of preservation), stood alone.

Alone in a park amongst the bungalows & apartments, like another story teller, it looked lost.

What is it? Or Who is it?

I walked around but didn’t find a thing; nor anyone who could translate the stories which ‘it’ shouted so loud!

There were tiny rooms outside, big enough for the traveller to sleep, with iron grills & locks which looked very young.

Inside were many tombs; with Peer Baba’s tomb (so the locals said), in the centre.

A  beautiful structure stood above the tomb, to protect the holy man, from the sky!

I looked around, the inquisitive traveller’s eye is hard to control.

And there i found a beautiful carving, on the ceiling of the western wall.

Looks like they prayed here to the one who knows everything.

I closed my eyes, wondering where am I – what time is it? where did i travel to?

A mystery it is, not hard to break – but then i love this mystery, so i leave it for you to resolve…

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16 thoughts on “What am I? – said the mysterious ruins!

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  2. Hey…would you be interested in doing a guest post on my poetry blog? I recently started a series of poems…with alphabets as muses – (check my blog for more)…
    Let me know if you’re game for an alphabet…

    • Tha’ts an awesome suggestion, but i don’t write much poetry.

      However, i would like to try :) If you think its good, you can always use it.

      Also, i can connect you to someone who is good at poetry: http://iwillbeeverywhere.wordpress.com/ To get her blogging is a tougher task though :)

      PS: Why do you think i can write poetry? Just curious to know.

      • Well, I wanted a mix of poetry styles for my blog.. So thought you might give it a try, write a short poem or something :)
        But anyways, would it interest you to write an unposted letter? I was doing another series of posts for my other blog. Collection of letters which people hesitate to post. For example something you wanted to say to your high school teaches or best friend or ex, which you never did. Write it in a letter (no names, I’ll keep it anonymous) and I’ll post it on my blog.

        What say?

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  4. BTW! Did you get to know to which city of Delhi these structures belong to? You have tagged it Hauz Khas but I have been to Hauz Khas so many times and explored so many times but I don’t think this is Hauz Khas Village. Or is it? As in any markers or such? They seem like Tughlaq era construction. Could you give me the location of these ruins? I’ll be highly obliged :-)

  5. This is Makhdoom Sabzwari’s Mosque in Mayfair Gardens. It is some 300 yards to west of Chor Minar in Hauz Khas (Not be confused with Hauz Khas Village).
    Makhdoom Sahib was a Sufi Saint during Tughlaq & Lodhi period. This tomb was built during Lodhi Period.

    Not much is known about Hazrat Sabzwari. I have searched in old books and only the architectural information is available. Nothing is written anywhere about the saint.

    • Thanks for sharing the details Vikramjit. All I can say after knowing where it is that it was so close yet so far.

      On my quest to explore the second city of Delhi i.e. Siri I visited many a monuments including Neeli Masjid, Moth ki Masjid and yes the Chor Minar but missed these fine specimen which were just 300 yards away.

      Now its on my to do list and that to ASAP as my series missing link -a post on Second City of Delhi- is long overdue. Thanks again for sharing the info :-)

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