Will you lend your ears?

There stood a tree, nothing but the tree,
A mosque & a tomb apart, no tree to hide the tree.

The leaves are dry, so is the tree,
With a kite on its branch, dark like the tree.

The tree told stories, nobody bothered to hear,
Hey you two legged creature, can you lend your ear?

Jishnu, the @pullipuli, and me walked through Lodhi Gardens few days back. Surprisingly, this was the first time i visited here since i started living in Delhi. We walked around the beautiful, well-maintained garden & the historical monuments while Jishnu took pictures in his SLR.

This tree attracted my attention, first for the kite resting on its leafless branch & for the fact that there were no trees in its vicinity. There was a bench beneath it with no shade it could provide.

Though the tree might be fairly young compared to the beautiful tombs near it, i felt that the tree is older than them & stood witness to centuries of development around it. If only it was alive, it would have had many awesome stories to tell.  But then, who would bother, to listen to an old tree!

Alas, even the couple who sat beneath the tree on that cemented bench, were not keen to listen to the tree. The mighty kite too flew away, leaving the tree alone!

The question is, would you lend your ears – to the stories untold?

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13 thoughts on “Will you lend your ears?

  1. The tree aint alone ,it has its roots
    Leaves though withered but strong it stands
    It gives its spectators a deep message
    The deeper your relation, confident you stand

    And then he says :

    Sun is my father his blessings I have,
    Air is my mother who caresses my fallen hair.
    I bear no fruit no shade and darker I grow
    Yet my children visit me often still empty hand they go

    I live for the fair season to come, when all will rejoice
    And that would be the end of my Voyage…….

  2. Delhi is such a beautiful place and well organised. lodhi gardens is an amazing place to relax and stay cool. Lovely post written in the most beautiful style.

    • thank you

      you are being very generous with your words when i am unable to find words to describe the beauty of my moments as a traveller :)

    • Sad but true.

      In kerala trees are (or were) an integral part of every childs life. There was a mango tree in the school compound where we ate food, played, gossiped, romanced ;) and what not. In temples and church you often meet an old tree which witnessed time.

      today, to find a tree is harder than finding an auto which runs on meter.

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