अग्निपीठ (Agnipeet) – the seat of fire!

I was in a trans mode, when i reached Ajmer from Chittorgarh.

Centuries of history dipped in valour, pride, sacrifice & love; Chittorgarh was a time travel moment for me. Architectural marvel was secondary, what inspired me were the stories. It was an epic travel and i am still to find words to describe it in length. (you can read a concise form of my Chittor trip here >> chittorgarh and its three shakas)

I spend some time at Ajmer Dargah, listening to the Qawwali praising Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Music & religion is a deadlier mixture than any intoxicant. I hardly noticed that it was almost midnight by the time the Qawwali ended!

So i sacked my plans to head to Pushkar & walked around the vacant streets of Ajmer.

Ajmer is beautiful at night, like any other city with history standing tall at the corners of each street.

I walked further, alone and immersed in thoughts.

I walked straight into a group of young blood, standing around a bonfire, savouring the last of the wintery nights.

One of them was sitting on a cane-chair staring at the fire.
I stopped by them, lighting a smoke, from the bonfire.

Suddenly! he jumped up, picked the chair and threw it in the fire.
The bright yellow & orange flames, consumed the chair, in its pyre.

I stood transfixed, the moment told me a truth.
For the chair, glowed like it is the seat of truth!

Every chair is a seat of truth, set on fire.
Responsibilities shall consume you, like the fire.

You are born to be consumed in the fire;
What matters is your will to enter the pyre.


The fire also reminded me of an old telugu movie i saw in my childhood days. Didn’t understand a word but it left an impact on me for long. A blind flutist (our Sri Krishna from Mahabharata) playing his flute to the intensity of fire by burning his hands!
  Watch here!

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3 thoughts on “अग्निपीठ (Agnipeet) – the seat of fire!

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