Udupi Sai Sarovar, Lajpat Nagar II

–an attempt to review a restaurant i think you should visit.

Usually, food review is all about criticizing & ratings. Even though a qualified hotelier, i am no good at it. So i am going to share a mind-blowing place i think you should visit without rating it.

Restaurant: Udupi Sai Sarovar

Ambience: Very casual & small outlet

Address: A-91B, Lajpat Nagar-II, Central Market, N.Delhi-24

Phone: 011-29832222, 29843333

Mobile: 09971348409

The joy of accidently discovering something has made a great thinker run naked in the streets, long back. Well, thankfully i didn’t do run around naked. But i did discover a place, an eatery which is a blessing for any South Indian in North India, by mistake or sheer luck.

Generally, to find a good South-Indian restaurant in North-India is hard. I wouldn’t blame the restaurateurs as they are forced to customize the taste as per the regions requirement. Simple things like shifting to mustard oil from coconut oil makes a big difference to the taste-buds.

In spite of being in Delhi for nearly a decade now, i have hardly found a good restaurant which provides good South-Indian food.  Right from college days at Pusa campus, i was always under the mercy of North-Indian flavoured South-Indian food. Naturally i lost hope & kept my silence when folks tell me about the tasty up-market South Indian restaurants; how do i tell them how remotely South-Indian they are.

We entered Udupi restaurant at Lajpat Nagar for a coffee and came out with an overstuffed tummy! – that explains it all doesn’t it?. First it was a temptation to have the tomato chutney which comes along with Mysore Masala Dosa, and i ordered one. For a change, i liked the dosa more than the chutney, not meaning the chutney was bad but the Dosa was superb.

Crispy like i would like to have it, but not like a pappad, with the perfect filling, me and my friend finished the Dosa in no time.  Mind you, we were not hungry but wanted a coffee and we were yet to drink the coffee (of course filter-coffee)!

So we order for an Uttappam.

I was never a fan of Uttappam, but this ‘mouth-watering beauty of an Uttappam’, just stole my heart. Naturally i had to finish him off, lest he run away with my heart. Then we started ordering like mad men, who haven’t had anything for days. I hope Tilakraj (if my memory serves me right) didn’t judge me.

Few minutes and we have already gulped more food than the guys in our adjacent tables, together. Tilakraj had a smile mixed with surprise, every time we called him to order something new.

Quality of a south-Indian restaurant can always be measured by the coconut chutney they serve. Careful selection of ingredients is the key behind tasty food. The chutney here was soft & rich. Every time i chew the dosa with chutney spread on it, i could taste the coconut milk oozing out of the chutney.

With a very minimalistic, casual ambience, this restaurant also gave me a South-Indian feeling unlike the up-market ones where the steward wearing dhoti in a non-south Indian way is considered south Indian!

Opinion: For all those poor South-Indians who run to INA for the cheap alternatives to actual south-Indian dosas & to the up-market fine-dining restaurants for the fraud south-Indian Uttappams, you are saved. Head to Lajpat Nagar.



6 thoughts on “Udupi Sai Sarovar, Lajpat Nagar II

    • thank you Arti, honestly i haven’t done justice with my words as they have done justice to South-Indian food.

      Its funny how people prefer North-Indianised South Indian food. This one is different. Will take you there when you come to delhi :)

  1. As you say it, m that typical north indian who loves north indianised south indian food :P yet you made it sound so mouth watering , will surely go there sometime.
    And believe me your a natural writer :)

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