3/3/13 – a strange day!

State of Mind:

Yesterday, a friend got married.

I danced… till my bald head sweat enough to fill a bucket.

Still i danced… for its the joy of the moment what mattered.

Its strange times, when you graduate from  your reckless youth to a responsible self.

When people move out of your life faster than the new acquaintances you make.

Its when you know which relationship will last & which won’t.

The trespasser:

Its been long since Abrar, Halder & me had an all night conversation & movie marathon. It happened yesterday, if my memory serves right, for the first time after Halder’s marriage in November.

While Halder & me dozed off, Abrar kept the tradition on by watching movies till dawn.

Later in the morning, we decided to have breakfast & headed for my jeep. And there we meet the trespasser, snoring in my jeep. In his early twenties, dressed up to the latest fashion, he was sleeping on the back seat of my car. His clothes were expensive, but drenched in alcohol.

If it was me from the college days, it would have been an excellent opportunity for me to pick a fight. But, to my own surprise, i woke him up and even offered him a lift.

The trespasser ‘kiddo’ was not sure how he landed up in my jeep. He showed no embarrassment and was searching for his lost phone. By the looks on his face, he thought we stole his phone. I wanted to give him a bear hug & a tight slap on his face. But we let him go. He even had the audacity to ask (not request) my friend for cigarettes!

I am worried for him…on second thoughts, i am worried for everyone around him.

The Monkey who tasted ‘The Undercover Economist’

We went to Indian Coffee House in Mohan Singh Place (Connaught Place) for coffee, later in the evening. Four of us sat there for 2 hours and the waiter didn’t bother to attend to our requests or serve us any food.

But, we had a very interesting visitor on our table – a monkey. Poor chap mistook my latest addition to the book stack, The Undercover Economist, as some exotic vegetable & snatched it from our table. He quickly climbed the nearby tree and tasted it.

Seems like we humans & monkeys share the same taste towards economics.

He immediately dropped it on the neighbouring roof. My buddy Abrar, did a heroic effort by climbing the adjoining tree & save the poor ‘Undercover Economist’.

Priyanka Bhardwaj, a photographer, quickly clicked some pictures of the monkey’s attempt to eat our Undercover Economist. She was kind enough to share it:

pictures: (above) he tries to read it, then eat it.
(below) yuck, he throws it away

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