The lucky chaotic-mess!

What better way to vent frustration than, write a post & read it to you!
What better way to make myself feel good than, earn your sympathy with my whining!

So let me whine, cry & shout and thus feel better.

And then, when i am done with sharing my small joys & sense of achievement along with some whining ;D , tell us how your Yr 2013 is shaping up? Won’t you?

Mayans miscalculated! The world was not ending in 2012 but in 2013. How else can I justify this sudden ‘amplification’ of all activities including travel, work & personal life in 2013.

Within the last 25 days, I visited three cities at three different corners in India, (including one festival & two cities inside a city), didn’t find time to do my laundry, paid my credit card debts (for good) & made more friends than in 2012.

Well it’s not ending there, before this month ends, I will visit three more cities, witness the largest (so they say) religious congregation & meet more friends. Yeah, I can hear your deep sigh & see the envy in your eyes…hold it & read on.

Also, two of my close friends are getting married within a month & i have to visit four more cities in the same month, for work! It doesn’t get over there, i have promised my mom to spend a weekend with her & i have promised “many” friends to join them on weekend trips – for once i want to thank my friends for not walking the talk ;)

Procrastination is the new-world devil. At work, i have to finish some crucial work pending for months! That’s 3 new projects (including pricing & competition mapping) & strategy planning for next year – all in a month – should i say more?

Then starts the small world problems: to find someone with a big smile & supporting shoulder (since my best buddy is getting married), gear-up beast for the great road-trips, align the countless social activities that i have enrolled myself into…more importantly, figure out what i want to do!

In short its a chaotic mess that i am in, but a very lucky one. For i have been smiling during every moment of 2013, till date! Still Chaos is chaos.

Since there is no point in sulking…so Cheerio :)

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