Fight or subdue?

I came across this Facebook post by Dainik Bhaskar (newspaper) a month back! It had this caption along with it (click on the picture to read the post):

मि. सहाय, 75 साल के एक रिटायर्ड बैंक मैनेजर, अपने बेटे की मौत के बाद अपने परिवार के इकलौते कमाने वाले सदस्य है..इन्होने भीख मागने की बजाय पपेट बेचना चुना…
इनके हौसले को सलाम!

 link to my repost

This is Mr. Sahai, a 75 year old ex-bank employee, who sells puppets in Connaught place after his family lost their only earning member, his son. I have met  him once, on my way to a tweet-up. He could barely walk, but spoke excellent English.

I was so embarrassed to offer him money, hence bought two puppet from him. I wish i had bought more!

Few days back, i read this article on NDTV (another news Channel):

PS: this is a news article by NDTV. You can read the article by clicking on the picture. I hold no rights to this article, kindly connect with NDTV for any usage of the same.

A father of three (all three are alive), this gentleman (aged 50) was found begging on the streets of Jaipur, in spite of being so highly qualified (double PhD). His son, as per the article is a drug addict & their neighbours didn’t bother to intervene for “5 YEARS!”.

I wonder where are we heading! Are we living in the same country, so rich in heritage, where every kid is taught to respect elders/teachers/guests as God?

I am also inspired by the 75 year olds decision to fight back, to live with pride, when my generation shy away from making a living without sweating. I am worried that a 50 year old couldn’t stand up against his own son, let alone fate.

There are many more questions which arise, but i will leave it for you to think & ponder.

Let tomorrow wake up to a better you & me, Amen.

4 thoughts on “Fight or subdue?

  1. Respect for elders isn’t there anymore, but then again nor is there any respect for the young. I always think it should have some mutual ground. I do agree with the younger generation not really working the way our elders did. I see them work in banks and their attitude towards work, loyalty towards where they work is appalling.

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