A smart move by Nokia!

I am a product planner who bangs his head on the wall for a new idea, every day! With increased competition, reduced margins & almost zero consumer loyalty, we are always at war to win consumer hearts (& wallets).

This is a post on an accessory which i purchased for my Nokia Lumia 800.

When i purchased Lumia, folks told me that it was a mistake. But i wanted lesser choices than what Android offered in every corner of their phone’s menu; and more freedom that what Apple offered. I never regretted my decision!

Till last week, i was wondering whether Nokia is going to doom! But then i bought this:

Let my tweets speak for me:

With their not-so-subtle launch of Windows 8 enabled smartphones & other gadgets they might not be stealing limelight as they used to. However, their move on tapping the accessory market which might offer nearly 100% or more margin on a sale, proves that their strategists are not sleeping.

Competitors beware; if you had ruled out Nokia, you are a fool – verdict.

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