Conquering India, a travel talk (an incomplete draft)

During my history classes, I learnt about many conquerors who tried to conquer India. For them, India was a synonym for wealth and prosperity. They tried and perished, no one ever could conquer her!

I cannot blame them for greed and fame, which force people to achieve things beyond the slightest possibility. One man who came closer to this feat is Mahatma Gandhi. What worked for him was the absence of greed and weapons. What worked for him was his strategy – to conquer the minds!

I want to conquer India.

I want to conquer India with a difference. I want to conquer her soul, her beauty and not her wealth. She is our mother and I respect her like mine. My intentions are pure – to search for that truth which eludes others.

My travel escapades so far has taught me one thing, its not the woods or the sea which attracts me. Neither does the architecture nor the history amuse me. But…


i wrote this post on 23rd June this year, but never finished it then. Today, i found it among the heap of unfinished drafts in my dashboard. Unable to finish it with the same vigor with which i started to write it, i am leaving it incomplete & unedited. For you to imagine the rest, to assume & to find Her soul… to travel.

4 thoughts on “Conquering India, a travel talk (an incomplete draft)

  1. Sometimes an unfinished sentence or in this case a post can put across the point much better. I do like the post unfinished. Although, partly because it saves me from reading and makes me think, which I can do with my eyes closed.

    I do disagree with the first para wherein you state that India was never conquered. It was, and while we came out victorious after years of struggles, a mark was left on the nation that has shaped it in a completely different way. There’s no way to tell for better or worse.

    Uncle Ji ;-)

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree that sometimes, sentences unfinished speak more than the finished ones.

      If you are referring to the British, yes i am wrong, they did rule India…but i wouldn’t say they conquered. I guess my sub-conscious mind consider them no better than those underworld dons of Mumbai :)

  2. same here macha me also feel to see india like following GT road , dandi walk route , discovering how Christianity spread in india , covering major sufi shrines & the list goes on .

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