Few unbelievable items from my bucket-list!

This may sound crazy, but what’s the fun in a normal life.

I always wanted to do the following and wish to do it soon:
1. Live in a slum
2. Meditate deep in a forest
3. Get kidnapped by Maoist
4. Get lost in North-Eastern states
5. Build a University for Orphans & Hospital for Mentally Challenged
6. Be a central government minister
7. Roam India with no baggage
8. Share the above.

So its one down & 7 to go! Do you have any such crazy wish? Share it in the comments, I would like to get inspired.

11 thoughts on “Few unbelievable items from my bucket-list!

  1. Thats a wonderful blog you have Nisha.

    First of the lot is “live in a slum”.

    I have zeroed into one on the border of gurgaon-delhi region. Its known as ‘Mandi gaon’. They have these quarry employees from different part of the country (some are snake charmers too!) living in a slum, speaking different languages.

    I am planning to spend a weekend with them and write a series on how they live and why they are here and what good can happen for them.

    As they say, ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ (ek theer se dho shikhar); i hope it brings something good apart from my motive.

    Want to join? :)

  2. Oh, so you visited my blog?

    Living in a slum would probably be the only thing I would do but not this time & whenever it happens, most probably it’d be for more no. of days. :P

    Have you made some inquiries? Are those people okay with your idea? Don’t they have any inhibition? Have you decided with whom to stay and things like that?

    Looking forward to read your account on this. :)

    • yes i did visit your blog & facebook page. the way you have organized it is neat & inspirational.

      i know someone who teach those slum kids and i went there last Sunday to take them out for a dance show. i haven’t asked their permission yet, but that won’t be hard considering the respect and comradeship they showed me last weekend.

      Also, i haven’t decided on to the extent to which i should go as a slum dweller. will approach them after i decide on that

  3. To meditate in a deep forest isn’t that hard, what is really hard is to meditate deeply, regardless the place! And about roaming India with no baggage, that’s the easiest, all you have to do is to take a nap in the crowded trains and relax the grip of your backpack… I know by experience. Good luck! I enjoy your stories.

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