First Night at Haridwar – Freedom trip Phase I (March,2012)

Time got irrelevant for me then, so i asked it to stop. It’s been 3 months that i have been working like a mule, professionally & personally. A much needed break came in the blessed form of an extended weekend of four days. And thus i started off on my jeep (fondly calls her the beast), uphill to Uttarakhand.

Night 1 – by the mystic mother:

photographs by ManuSix hours of drive from Delhi, on an arguably amazing road, we reached Haridwar on 8th March (11:30 P.M. precisely). The banks of Ganges has been my obsession from my maiden Road-trip in November, 2010. Then and today, the mystical waters of Goddess Ganga played one of the world’s most beautiful hymn – the rhythm of her flow. Manu (my fellow traveller) and me sat by her side and enjoyed the mighty cold wind and the musical notes of water splashing on the banks; there was no human soul till our eyes could reach.

photograph by Manuphotographs by Manuphotographs by Manu

We took the Muzaffarnagar route, though i would recommend the road by Ganges Canal to Roorkee (click here) for a scenic ride. The ride was smooth, thanks to a well maintained road (except for a small patch between Musaffarnagar & Roorkee). But our ride, ‘the beast’, is meant for high-lands and not highways. Slow speed and bumpy rides (thanks to the heavy tires) ensured that we are tired by the time we reached Haridwar.

After, enjoying the cold wind by the banks of Ganges, it was time for us to search a room for the night. Manu took the initiative as always to do the recce. A decent room worth Rs.600/- waited for us on Haridwar – Hrishikesh road, though i am sure you can find a better place with a little bit more search. Ideally, i would recommend you to visit Haridwar on weekdays as the tariff for rooms are cheaper and the city is less crowded (the same room was for almost double the cost on the following Saturday night). The sight of bed was next to heaven after the ‘rocking’ ride on beast; moments later i was snoring my way into the night.

to be continued …

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