Twitter & India

Some thoughts based on this article about twitter users across globe.

Read the article here:

By far United States is leading the list with maximum number of twitter users followed by Brazil and Japan. India apparently is not mentioned on the basis of twitterati presence. So I safely assume that 1/6th of the global population hasn’t contributed much to this part of Social Media.

Also, its surprising that Japan, with its ‘world famous’ work culture, is ranking so high on twitter usage – very unlikely of people who do not socialize while at work. A twitter friend recently told that twitter started as a mobile application. Has this something to do with higher penetration of smartphones in Japan?

But the real reason behind this post is this:

twit stat

Surprisingly, India is also way behind the global average of 27% of people who have tweeted at-least once between September and December. Which means, there is a huge amount of people who join twitter and a similar amount of people who leave twitter in India. Why?

My thoughts:

  1. The limited understanding about micro-blogging by Indian internet users.
  2. The limitation of 140 words doesn’t allow people to communicate their thoughts. We are educated from childhood to communicate with customary greeting lines, followed by long, sophisticated sentences.
  3. Less mobile internet users compared to developed economies.
  4. Twitter’s negligence of Indian market.

All the above reasons may or may not be true, but one reason do stand: “Apart from ranting or stalking, why should someone use twitter?”. Sharing useful information might be a possible answer but in-spite of a carefully chosen ‘following’ list, my time-line has less of useful information and more of crib-tweets (as i would like to address the abusive/ranting tweets).

Whatever might be the reason, i am not sure of how far twitter shall survive in India, especially with the Facebook ‘subscribe’ function and Google ‘Circle’ feature gaining more prominence.

What do you think?

  1. Why is twitter unable to engage Indian Social Media users like Facebook/Orkut (did)?
  2. Will twitter survive? What is twitter’s future in India?

Awaiting your thoughts on this…

PS: I enjoy tweeting, both crib-tweets and useful ones. My reason to stay on twitter is the fact that it has and is giving me lot of new friends & networking options.


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