Twitter – twenty twelve (2012)

Hey Twitter,

What’s your resolution for 2012? If you don’t have any, i have a suggestion; do some make-up Smile

Best regards,


PS: please find below some possible make-up options #IMHO.

  1. Notifications:
    If you are just a micro-blog then why do you have the DM facility. Well, if you are a social networking site you need to have a DM option for sure.

    But the thumb rule for a social networking site is to facilitate. And your DM option is crippled to facilitate communication!

    The major challenge is that i do not know when i get a DM. You should either have a notification counter like Google+ or Facebook on the menu-bar for easier access to messages. Or you show DM’s on our TL. I have missed DM’s which had an urgent nature because i didn’t want to leave my TL and check messages. People are now forced to tweet “Check DM” which of course do not help maintain the secrecy of a DM.

    Imagine my girlfriend messaging me our plans to elope and then her spying father getting the alert tweet “Check DM” on my timeline Disappointed smile 

    New Bitmap Image

  2. Lists:
    Your ‘list’ feature is a beautiful option to organise my timeline which otherwise is overcrowded. Useful tweets are lost amongst tweets from the crack-heads who are ‘forced’ to tweet only 100 tweets per hour (alas i cannot stop following them because they are my friends/clients).

    With lists i could categorize them and follow people efficiently. But, lists would have been more effective if you had given the option to view multiple lists (timelines) in a single screen. They could be parallelly placed timelines to each other for each lists. Saves my time and effort.

    (disclaimer: this might not be a brilliant idea for those who have 100’s of lists. But, a normal user like me would love to have all in one screen)

    New Bitmap Image
    (sorry for the poor work on pic, you know i am too good at this Open-mouthed smile #disclaimer )

  3. Search:
    Please work on your search function. I am unable to search my friends using their names. It would have been great if you could help me with more options like location and gender. #justsaying
  4. Export DM’s & tweets:
    Off-late, i realised that you delete old DM’s. But it was too late as i lost some important information (phone number of the girl i was flirting with #notReally Smile with tongue out).

    Could you please provide me an option to export my DM’s and tweets (if possible, the mentions too) before you delete it like an angry wife? In case we decide to separate in future, this could be a great memento for me Disappointed smile 

That’s it for today, i have always made resolutions but never followed. Prove me that your are better than me Smile with tongue out #dare.

3 thoughts on “Twitter – twenty twelve (2012)

  1. Hi Doulos,
    Interesting post… What service you use on your phone for Twitter? UberSocial gives alerts for both mentions and DMs (yellow for mentions & green for DMs). Agree on search and haven’t really thought about exporting tweets and DMs.
    Keep blogging this year…

  2. Update #1

    Just heard that the new twitter interface have provisions for DM notification. @twitter is yet to bless me with this interface.

    If its true, then my friends at @twitter, please ignore it :)

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