Executive Issues for 2012!

disclaimer: As we neared the end of 2011, I thought of blogging out my hard earned wisdom (from lot of failures). These expert advise is to be carefully read but don’t sit on it coz i am not a lifestyle preacher Smile

As a young manager who stepped down to becoming a ‘bald’ executive, i have learned and observed certain issues which i share with many in my age. However i am going to stick on some important (to me) ones in a ‘random’ order:

With too many gadgets and applications in one’s reach i feel an effective communication would be a major challenge in coming years. With BBM (blackberry messenger) and WhatsApp, people are more confused on the means & ‘language’ of communication. Gone are the days when team building happen over coffee, its a twitter list or Google circle today. But does that bring the intended outcome of teambuilding?

Too many networking options, too many friend groups, too many commitments, too less time. People don’t have time to read a book, or for brisk walk in the park. With nearly 4 social media sites which need status updates to the tab which mocks you every second with a new chat message, your work gets hampered, your personal life is shattered!

When i say authenticity, it covers almost every action, right from a presentation (not the one from slideshare) to your leave application. Everything is a convenient lie to win against inhuman competitors to not-so humble bosses. You are asked to make a report in a week and you Google it in five minutes (on the last day).

I thought of writing decision making and ownership, but the root of it is integrity. I bet many would be Googling for the meaning of this term right now. Rest of you can please Google it, as this term is one of the most misunderstood one in the recent history of English language.

Some of the issues…but for me these were the major hurdle my team of six couldn’t resolve. A bitter failure resulted and i learned. I wish to add few more onto this list, but after we conquer the above.

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