What if Dexter inspires?

After hearing a lot about ‘Dexter’, yesterday i watched the first few episodes of this series. Frankly, i got scared!

Its not the neatly cut bodies or the murder scenes but the concept (of this series) that is scaring me. The detail in which Dexter’s thoughts and justifications is being conveyed in the series can influence sane minds to turn murderous!

Its a well known fact that Movies / TV can influence people. Right from fashion to food, trends are influenced by what we see on the screen (movie/TV/internet). What if some freak get influenced by this series? Given the popularity of this series, i think my reasoning is good to get worried.

I may not be the right person to comment as i haven’t seen the complete series. But to get inspired and become a vigilante, i need not watch the entire series but just few episodes.

Another scary perspective is: what makes such series so popular? Are we going back to the stone age civilization where survival is the only rule?

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