A dream called Rajinikanth!

disclaimer: This post is dedicated to all who adores ‘the superstar’; for all those who are puzzled by ‘the superstar’.

I was quite young when ‘the superstar’ mania spread across the four states of Southern-India. The style, the dialogue delivery, in-fact every minute detail like the style of his shades were ardently followed and imitated by many – young and old. For you puzzled minds, i was puzzled too, then.

I never understood why people liked his acting so much when his actions were nothing but impossible. Naturally, being a kid with no responsibilities or worldly worries, i couldn’t comprehend the necessity of his presence.

Quite some years later, during the first years of my career, i ventured into Chennai to work as a salesman for 18 months. Life was far different from those young days. With a meagre pay and a living standard to maintain, i had moments of torment which even made me think about the possibilities of suicide. I saw no success in the horizon but just accumulating debts and the downside of my life. With desperation at every moment of my life, i decided to hide from those saddening thoughts by keeping myself occupied. A major portion of my life was at the store floor, along with my friends and well-wishers. But the troublesome nights were a worry.Those lonely nights in a 48 sq. ft. room with a snoring room partner!

Maybe my roomie wasn’t always snoring at night. He sensed my worries and asked me to join him for a movie. So we head to watch a Tamil movie, watching it from the bench (the first row from the screen). 2 hours into the movie, i suddenly realised i was a different person. I was laughing and hooting along with some commoners who might be the one who cleans the mall i work in. A sense of reality dawned on me that they, like me, are hiding on the first bench of that theatre, running away from their life’s problems for 3 hours.

Everyone over there knew that unless you win a lottery or breathe your last breath, these troubles are not going to pass by. For ‘us’, these three hours where those moments which my friends call – the moment of trance. Not just the moment of trance but also the moment to rekindle our aspirations.

The time when ‘the superstar’ fights against all odds and wins over the bad is just a symbolisation of our hopes. They may not happen in our lifetime – a solution to our problems – but we now have a hope, a role model, a visualisation of our dreams to success.

That is what ‘the superstar’ is all about. Hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. A victory which may hardly come our way is a less attractive goal, but with an encouragement to keep us fighting through our miserable lives is definitely a fuel. There were many amazing actors who made us cry and laugh with their acting skills, enacting the essence of our day to day life, but there aren’t many who enacted our dreams and asked us to fight for it.

This is what ‘the superstar’ is to the majority of the South-Indian population (the commoner, the poor). That is why he is ‘the superstar’ – the good against the evil, our hopes, my dream!

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