An Evening ‘well spend’!

Over these years, i have been always looking forward to a ‘well spend’ evening. It did happen and that too very frequently. But, it was always different, strangely!

Before writing further, a quick question. What is a great evening for you?

Some time back, more precisely in 2004, a ‘well spend’ evening for me was an evening with friends in our college hostel, away from the bathrooms. Yes, away from bathrooms! Ragging, though negligible, was always in the form of washing our seniors clothes. Also, few errands like running to ‘chidiya colony’, to the nearest shops to buy cigarettes and cool-drinks or to girls hostel to pass messages (which we secretly cherished Smile). An evening without being assigned any such jobs were a great evening for me.

Subsequent two years, the dimension of ‘well spend’ evenings came in the form of alcohol bottles and packets of cigarettes. With a pack of cards, cigarettes and open beer (or alcohol) bottles were blissful evenings. Life has its own ups and downs, those blissful evenings are something which i am not so proud of today.

Later, when i was employed (at a meagre salary) in the humid town of Chennai, a ‘well spend’ evening came in the form of night-outs with Ganesh and first few days of the month at a cafe with a book. Both nights meant no tension of shoe string budgets and happiness.

Years later, till yesterday, when i am alone at my home (though rented but solely occupied by me), a ‘well spend’ evening is a coffee with friends and some chats in social media world of 140 letters.

But, two days back, dimensions of a ‘well spend’ evening changed drastically. A casual meeting with a friend which turned to a dinner with his sister and brother-in-law, makes me rethink of those ‘well spend’ evenings i had. Strangely, the term family and people whom you would refer as relatives meant more to me than those relationship i had till date. An evening with small talks across the dining table and an invisible bonding called blood-relations brought more happiness to me.

I am not sure about what next, neither do i care. For me, i decided to live this moment and these bright ‘well spend’ evenings. One thing is for sure, a ‘well spend evening’ is a constant source of happiness. And this constant source, constantly changes with time!

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