Copyright show-off!–a saga in Music Industry

An interesting article in speaks about a litigation against

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Copyright litigations are never knew. It has happened right from the beginning and is an on-going fight with futile results. I have been hearing it for a long time. Remember the Napster case (1999) and fights against online music sharing? But, it didn’t stop people from sharing music online! In fact, like of Napster multiplied like a virus, so huge is the peer-to-peer sharing networks that nobody can dare to stop or control it.

Apparently, self, a sales and marketing guy in the lowest level is surprised how the big-shots of a huge industry sticks on to the authoritarian style of operations, and a decade old strategy. They refuse to evolve or innovate the business. Big shots like Sony has been in this industry for a while (much longer than my existence in this world). Yet, they fail to understand that business evolves with new mediums? When was the last time you bought a Compact Disc (CD) of your favourite band?

With access of internet, the entire structure of business has changed in last few years. Today people turn to google or facebook for their day to day requirements. Peer recommendation has become the strongest influencing factor in buying behaviour. But, as simple is this fact for us to understand, so hard is it for ‘them’ to understand this, apparently.

But the real question is for how long will they follow this route? They are wasting resources, money and time in a futile effort of fighting against technology and the human tendency to ‘share’. Rather, they should start embracing the trend of e-sharing and monetize it. Imagine a high quality music video with a banner ad, available for download without any copyright issues. Would you download it or go for a peer-to-peer source with high chances of a virus attack… Millions will download the music (of course from the legitimate source) and see the video along with the ad for sure. Imagine the revenue involved. And every time a music file is shared, the revenue increases…Wow!

When you cannot stop it, flow with it! That should ideally be the answer for todays business. Companies are spending millions in justifying themselves and creating goodwill on social media platforms. A facebook fan page is a must for any B-to-C company. But morons that these music companies or their leaders are, they run around suing and creating news. I thinks its just another PR gimmick. Or, some legal executives of some multi-nationals decided to have a vacation at Tokyo, on company expense. I know its a lame reasoning, but i cannot find another reason which can justify such an action, by a bunch of learned and experienced crowd.

Much research and debate has been done on this issue. Let me quote from one of them:

However I am convinced that one should rather concentrate on the notions of copyright, meaning why do we have copyright at all and check whether we can achieve the purposes by less detrimental solutions. Therefore it is not necessary to investigate whether file sharing is a threat to the music industry or not, when we can say, that the current practice of the music industry is anyway out-of-date. Why should one protect old-fashioned business models at high and unnecessary cost? – a very important question which the shareholders of these MNC’s should ask their board of directors.

from Ass. iur. Volker Lehmann’s research paper. (You can read this research paper here:

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