Like it or not, you fuel corruption – fact

I am tired of listening to this hue and cry about the anti-corruption movement and Anna Hazare’s path being the right path. Get a life people! You are the fuel of corruption and its your cowardice that made corruption this big a monster.

I never wanted to write or criticise this movement, but the thought that precious time and resource is being wasted for nothing is eating into me. I admire Anna for raising his voice and influencing masses. I haven’t seen many, in fact, anyone in the recent future who have influenced so many people at one go. Hats off to that!

Without any question to the purity of your thought or intention, i have just one question – what is corruption?

It just didn’t happen overnight. It is known to be there from early ages which man could think of. Kings and even God’s have bribed to get things working in their favour. The only difference is, then it happened to get wrong things to work and today, you have to bribe for legally right stuff to work as well.

But the question is, like every living organism to live and any system to work, there is a motivating factor. Here the motivating factor is US…our fear and the corrupt us. If a cop flags me down tomorrow, i will have to bribe him, because i do not have the insurance coverage for my car. Nor do i have a pollution clearance or the original copy of my registration certificate. It can amount to a fine of more than Rs. 2000/- or maybe more. So why take the pain, i pay couple of Rs. 100/- notes and save my time and money. What if i don’t? What if i keep all the required documents?

Now some of you might bring up the case of the government offices where its hard for you to get anything working, without greasing. Well, have you heard about a vigilance department? Do you dare to file a case against the corrupt and face any consequence? Here the consequence can be delay or even worse a new law which asks for more documents to get your work done.

I say the system is not corrupted, but we are. We, for whatever personal or actual reasons, have on and on requested and made new rules. These rules have accumulated and have become an impossible pile to understand and thus follow it. And now we are raising voice for a new law, a new system – Get a life people, this can’t solve issues but only waste precious tax money.

If you truly want to end corruption – promise yourself to be a law abiding citizen and then stand upright and boldly question corruption. Don’t be a sissy and think that a new law can check corruption.

PS: Interestingly, day before yesterday, i saw a car with a broken registration plate driving with pro-Lokpal slogans, through the capital. Both the driver and the navigator wore Gandhi caps and had a huge Indian flag on top of the car – clearly demonstrators returning from Ram Lila maidan. They wore no seat belts, jumped red-lights and worse, broke at least three traffic rules on safe-driving. Thank god i have a limited knowledge on traffic rules, else i could have blogged on them as well Sad smile

2 thoughts on “Like it or not, you fuel corruption – fact

  1. excellent point made. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail with all my acquaintances and friends to get the same point across. Sadly, while everyone has a PC Sarkar type enthusiasm on Anna Ji they just are wearing too effective blinkers to see the broader picture. But lets not give up hope. Lets keep making this point. In a hundred even if 10 understand and act accordingly then in a billion it will be a start. What say?

    • Thanks….not for the favorable comment, but for being right and standing up to it…

      This whole movement has turned such that, if you have a different view, you are as bad as a corrupt politician. Whatever happened to the fundamental right to speak? I feel the Lokpal movement dieing fast. Wish Anna could have inspired the people to a more law abiding cult who questions corruption in the roots than wait for a new law :(

      Wishing that you are true and there are one in hundreds who will stand with their heads high against corruption!

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