A rookie’s advice on ‘how to sell’

I am trying to be humble by calling myself a rookie. I have an experience of nearly 4 years in selling high-end consumer electronics to a culturally chaotic Indian customers. First in an organized consumer electronic store as a sales person and then in corporate and finally in niche sales, now I am in the job of reaching people than selling them.

If you ask me what I was taught to start selling, and what I think about it; in crisp it is:

* Have complete knowledge of what you sell and what is your competition (I agree)
* Love your products (I disagree)
* Plan and script your conversation (in short preparation), but make it look natural (a very important agree)
* Lead your customer, don’t get lead in a conversation(very important skill)
* Treat customer as God (I disagree, sometimes you need to be “slightly” disrespectful to hurt his ego and prompt him to decide, but do it when you are an expert at it)
* Strong follow-up (i like to add something to this: “on time” – very important tool)

I can write an essay about the above said topic with at least 10000 words but if you can effectively use the above tools, you will be successful. If not, please consider changing profession.

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