Some News–Rahul Gandhi thanks Sikhs for Manmohan Singh


Surprisingly this is the most commented news item today, in the online portal of ’The Hindu’.

When i read the heading, the first thing which popped into my mind is Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the Punjab issues. Well i wasn’t even born then (i guess). However, Rahul Gandhi was.

But, his thanking Sikh community and supporting a Sikh Prime Minister raises a question? Is this a progressive sect of politician or political-generation – in making, or is it just another political tactic.

Coming to Rahul Gandhi, unlike any other politician, he has never shown any vengeance to any community or any person in general.

I believe humans are born emotionless and grasp them on their way up to adulthood(for sure). So naturally we have this ‘basic instincts’ of hatred, anger, vengeance, ego, etc.. But what makes you different from other humans is how you can control these emotions – and make yourself a better person. And Rahul Gandhi is doing it beautifully.

Here, whatever may be the objective, i feel Rahul Gandhi is doing a great job. So to say, i see a bright future for Congress in coming years. For me, all these turmoil happening on various scams are the beginning of a refining process. I see a new light in Indian politics, where a young leader approaching the usually chaotic political scenario, with a new organised outlook.

But again, i might be wrong. One thing is for sure, whatever might be the objective, unlike other politicians like Bal Thackeray or Advani or even Dig Vijay Singh, Mr.Gandhi is much more composed and careful in his opinions and actions.

I would like to learn your opinion too.

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