When i threw my Blackberry off!

3 months and still running, my Nokia basic version phone is a kick ass product compared to the blackberry’s (BB) and smart phones i have used. I never thought i would last this long and always pictured me returning with a BB one fine night.

I landed up on a smart-phone, the first purchase after i got a job, after immense calculation. The purchase was justified by the need for connectivity. Connectivity as in, Internet connectivity. I didn’t use a laptop and couldn’t afford one either, then. So the natural choice was a smart phone. After 3 months of intense research, i bought a Nokia E 51. It lasted for about a month before it got stolen.

After that i have used an Asus and 3 models of Blackberry and then, now a Nokia 11…i don’t even remember my current cell phone model. So now, i am going to weigh my decision – right or wrong?

My friends could always vouch that i was a moving directory. With some 800+ contacts, i had almost everybody’s number. But with the advent of social media, the need for ‘efficiency’ in maintaining this list became more relevant for me. Diaries and loose papers couldn’t take me to Orkut or Facebook. So a smartphone took birth in my gadget karma. Even before i knew, i used it for everything: blogging, photography, get map directions, and of course, make calls. Hence, i would definitely agree that a smartphone is a necessary evil.

With growing responsibilities, i upgraded myself to the ultimate mail machine, a Blackberry. In fact, my emails with the signature, “send from my Blackberry on Vodafone” made me a semi-celebrity both among co-workers and friends. So the necessary evil became a ‘Devil’s Prada’ for me. It brought connectivity, convenience and above all, my world closer to me.

But, did i loose something? After some years in the fast flying technology world, i started asking this question. It all started slowly.

Symptoms: Stress, depression, tiredness, commitments, and a restless mind (& hand) when my BB beeps. One fine day, it broke down…my BB…i was without a phone for 3 days. Yes 3 long days!

So what did i gain by loosing ‘something’? Well, the answer lies in the following questions:

  • Have you ever wished that you could avoid your boss’s request for an urgent email response? I did.
  • Have you ever thought how you could avoid talking to your client at 10 minutes past 11 P.M.? I did.
  • Have your friends ever mocked you for your 50+ tweets and numerous comment or FB updates, in a single day? I was.
  • Did your mom (in some cases: wife, girl friend or kids) complaint that you don’t talk to them? Well, I…
  • Have you begged to God for 2 more hands and couple of extra hours each day? I have.

But when i lost my phone for those three days and later, for 3 months – i never heard those questions, again.


  • I spend few hours each day, by myself.
  • I have more than one hobby.
  • I don’t work beyond work hours (unless planned to, weeks prior).
  • I party less every week but enjoys every moment with my friends / family.
  • I don’t leave my seat till the plate is empty.
  • I speak to my mom for 30 minutes, each day.
  • I am happy more often.

The secret is time. I have more time than my lamenting friends. Smart phones, although, quite an invention which brought everything in your palm. It also demands everything out of your life. Like Prof. Sree from Colombia University said in a recent social media discussion – “Your boss doesn’t give you a BB because he likes you. It is a leash around your neck with the other end in his hand.”

So true, smart phones are no bargain but Shylock’s loan to mankind for a pound of your flesh.

Update (24th June, 2012)

A week back, i took a painful decision to buy a smart phone, after about 15 months of peace. I still believe in what you have read above, but circumstances and work-pressure has made me take this decision. I thought you all should know this part of my smartphone saga.

Just to elaborate a bit, i bought a Nokia Lumia 800 after serious considerations. It matched my requirements of storing and synchronizing some 2000+ contacts across LinkedIn, Facebook & phone diary. It also saves my time from arranging my notes and numerous reminders with more efficiency. Also the Nokia Drive and Ovi maps wee two lucrative propositions for the traveller in me.

Beyond that, i didn’t want anything, hence Nokia. I know it sounds like a diplomatic justification from a hypocrite, but i assure you my friend, that i shall throw this away too, at the first opportunity i get. Promise :)

7 thoughts on “When i threw my Blackberry off!

  1. I have been seriously considering switching away from my iPhone 4 back to a simple candy bar phone. The money I could save each month equals a new Mac Mini in two years or a Macbook Pro in 3.5 years. Or a new shirt each month. Or a nice meal out. Etc, etc.

    I am tired of being attached to my smartphone.

    • :) thanks for the comment.

      The intention of my blog-post is not to crib/whine but, reason my action of shunning away from smart-phones. I took that decision in ‘my’ best interest – and i am happy about it :)

      Do read my other posts, looking forward to hear your opinions on them. Good day

  2. upgradeing to smart phone has increased my data cost . will definitely move back to basic nokia set :)

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