My view – is Janlokpal going to help??

Dear All,

I know this is a bit late, for the verdict and outcome is already out. I had postponed the post for reviewing but decided against it today (else what’s the difference between me an Indian government ;)). This was a reply or rather my ‘mindblog’ (unedited) to @karmicthoughts ‘s blog: Woof Woof at “”

a small disclaimer: I believe in Mr.Hazare’s purity on this initiative and his noble intentions. I have no intention of discouraging or even raising a slight doubt in the outcome of this revolution (as i would like to call this movement) but just need some clarification on certain simple queries.

This all sound’s like the story where a lion ruled over an ant and to supervise the ant, he hired a monkey and to supervise the monkey, he hired a wolf and to supervise him, he hired a tiger and so on and on, he kept on hiring. Finally, at the time of economic down turn, he fired the ant in lieu of the cost cutting measures. My point is how many such supervisors or watch-dogs shall we set up to monitor an ant’s job?

For both govt. and people, we have police, then the CBI, Crime branch; above them are the Vigilance and certain Judiciary Commissions and above them…….and now we need a Lokpal.

What is autonomous..a person (here Lokpal) will use his best judgment in prioritizing the cases or addressing issues or whatever; but it is an individual’s opinion; and we all might not agree to it. Then what? We will again revolt or ask for a change or ask for a new monitoring system?

Without the financial and infrastructure burden of a new authority, we can alway time bound Judicial activities (lets take examples from the DMRC and Delhi Terminal 3, where, vendors or people are penalized for shortcomings in meeting time-lines). Can that help?

Having said all these, i do admit that such initiative or uproars is essential for us humans to remember the so called cancer, ‘corruption’.

So what do i want to happen and what i believe will make a change:

Remember India gate on the night of World Cup Final 2011 (cricket). One of those rare moments where old and young forgot the generation gap and danced together, in other words, generation gap was the last thing that came into anybodies mind. As mentioned in tipping point, lot of small favorable events around a big event leads to the tipping point of the big event.

Today, India has more than 50% youngsters and many of them had a comfortable life in their teens (at least compared to previous generation). When we (us youngsters) chat, none of us are happy over our job and nothing excites us for more than few years. We are restless. Another interesting fact is the numerous NGO’s and the active participation of youth in these NGO or social activities. Read them together; for me it seems like a situation for tipping point. Maybe its the tipping point for humanity and humility. My friend (a 26 yr old corporate) talks to me about how Bill Gates gave away a third of his wealth and why we need more money.

I believe it’s us who are tired of wealth and power and fame; ‘us’ who can make a difference.

Another view of mine is, we should make every action of government, right from a clerk to a bureaucrat, time-lined. Everyone in the government sector should promise a time-line for each job and they should be scrutinized (even thrown out if repeatedly failing to meet commitments) on both the quality and timeliness of their daily activity. Like any other private establishment, i am certain that Indian government shall be competitive like any. Results: growth and prosperity!

Having said all

As you (@karmicthoughts) rightly said that we need to innovate to tackle this issue and it is also true that this can never end (*unless awareness and humanity is spread and ingrained into the coming generation*)

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