What is right and whats wrong?

Some say that a child’s mind doesn’t have any evil thoughts.

Many (including me) take this statement as a description for ‘innocence’. But is that all what it refers to? I doubt!

Now let’s look at another phrase: ‘Ignorance is a bliss’. Can we add these phrases and make out some sense of the sentence?

A child is born with Zero intelligence to differentiate between what’s wrong and what’s right. Over a period of time, he/she learns through constant mentoring from his elders, on skills like decision making and identification of what is right & wrong.

Yes, ignorance levels do reduce, but what he learns over these time, was that really worth learning? That is the important question. I remember the time when I first abused, it was a cute little abuse (even cute abuse in an abuse) and it was ‘you dog!’…today that is not an abuse but a word used to show affection. Now, words which disgrace your mom and sister are actual ‘gaali’ or abuse.

So strange is the world, today’s abuse becomes tomorrow’s basis to decide wrong, and day after tomorrow….it is right and completely acceptable.

So is the story of right and wrong, it is ones perception that helps him decide between what’s right and wrong. Like the child from yesterday’s generation believes that ‘kutte’ (dog) is an abuse and anything above that is an unacceptable abuse; a kid from today’s generation has ‘motherFu…’ as the basis for deciding the strength and nature of an abuse.

Now the real question is how to control the rights and wrongs in this world. Imagine a generation, born some generations down the line, where the line of morality and acceptable behavior is set to the level of our previous generation by constant mentoring and carefully controlled atmosphere. Or in other words the generation of tomorrow which shall be the guinea pig for this experiment, is isolated from the abusive world of abusive words. They shall surely set morality to newer heights, where calling someone ‘dog’ is an abuse, not an affectionate pet name.

This thought process also dares me to think that its the newer generation and not the existing generation that needs public support or grants to develop, for they have a fresh outlook and we have our comparison charts and standards fixed and followed.

I remember this story about Naziruddin Hoja: It goes such that he being the most intelligent person in town, resides over a dispute. After listening to defense counsel, he says, you are right. Then the prosecution speaks and he says, you are right. Listening to his remarks, his wife asks him, “how can they both be right?”. He says, ” Actually, you are right”. His wife, understandably unhappy about the response asks for an explanation. He tells her that all three, defense, prosecution and his wife, spoke on their perspectives and they are right from where they think. The answer to the issue lies to where right is stronger and is more closer to the socially acceptable rights.

The big question is, where to start? I dare you, do you fucking dare to give me a suggestion, which might very well be the basis of change, how so ever stupid it is? Or are you shit scared to express your opinion because you are afraid what people might think about your comment???

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2 thoughts on “What is right and whats wrong?

    • thanks…atleast you dared to comment, (not that i appreciate your language) but can we be more constructive. I am approving your comment to be displayed in my blog hence forth :D

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