do they know its Christmas time?

Do they know its Christmas time? – Band Aid

I have been listening to this track for the 8th time, and is still listening while writing this post.

I owe a great deal to Chennai radio channels for developing my music tastes. Late into Chennai nights, I used to spend my lonely bachelor nights with music from my mp3 player or midnight radio shows. It helped me cross those pessimistic dark nights inside the dingy which I called my abode.

It was then that I got introduced to the likes of Jeethro Tull and Louis Armstrong. They made a divine atmosphere for me to unwind my days stress and achievement.

Those were sad days with no one to confide and no lap to rest my tired head (or bum :D).

Its one such sweet painful night that I heard the ‘Band aid’ track for the first time. I was restless, and loitering around on the balcony of the lodge where I stay. Almost 3 in the night, I heard her sweet voice and she said with a tinge of pain…”so folks, while you are sitting under the luxury of your roof; let’s not forget those who are hungry and roofless…a song from me for them….”

The track followed…with Phill Collins on drums and George Micheal and Bono…and a deep female vocalist (do you know her)….the song captivated and made me think. Its lyrics where like swords on my neck…questioning my commitments to fellow beings…

Did you do it?…Did you “feed the world…”

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