th gal at CCD…..(unedited version from some old notes dt. 1st June, 2008)

one night sitting by the glass windows of cafe coffee day at Chennai and enjoying the last IPL match(read finals) traveller saw someone or rather a spirit which was like an inspiration to write this.

She might be somewhere around 18 to 20, young, dashing, tanned with huge eyes but a beautiful smile. WOW..traveller went down like a deflated tyre…but what did attract traveller was not her beauty but the way she held back her nervousness into her eyes, with smiles overriding any sort of sadness in her mind, the way she talked to her friends and watched the the traveller was all flat on her. She sat by a pillar in the cafe next to an LCD and watched her favourite team going shatters. Her heartbeats were audible to alone. I could feel a sense of ownership over her in my mind.,but alas the match got over and we have to part from there….not knowing whether we will meet at all.

Walking down the road, traveller thought, why not walk to his room rather than hire an auto. As if walking will bring some peace to his mind, (he wished), but it did bring something else. Traveller saw her again walking right behind him back to her home. Traveller could feel his heart jumping out of his mouth while continued walking.

Few people were there on the road at half past midnight. All staring at her, or maybe her bold dark eyes. Traveller had no choice but to walk down the road without turning back, bcoz turning back would make traveller the like of the others on road. Traveller saw her move and turn down the road to a lane. Traveller walked back, hoping to catch hold of her destination……. but she just vanished….just vanished. Traveller is devastated ….. can’t distinguish whether it is a dream or reality or justa hallucination of this wandering mind…. Still i frequent the cafe at nungumbakkam hoping to catch a glimpse of her smile….believe me a smile can bring monsoon to a travellers deserted mind.

But ha .. traveller hasn’t lost his will… he believes that she will see his blogs some day or ….u tell me wat can happen…..good or worse…..(but do pray for gud… :) ) ?????

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