Me myself and I in transition……dt. 20th March,2009

Me, myself nd I.

It’s all a fairy tale. Never in my life did that small kid, within the white shirt(uniform) and with those dirty collars, did expect to make it to delhi not at least 2 days before his flight to The Rajadhani (hindi for capital city:fyi). It started from there; a realisation of what i am and the limitless horizon of my dreams!

The shift was so abrupt, a culture so different, an amalgamation of (curious) Homo sapiens to form a unique brand…oops i meant a religion.. and of course my accent loaded language that made those beauties laugh.. The late night outs, both in theatre watching movie and washing our senior’s clothes in the dirty wash basins… to the kitchen classes and to the daaru(fyi: hindi for drinks) parties..the travel had been so unique and eventful…but mediocre in all sense.

Surprise was always round the corner..a jobless candidate to an adventurer (in attending interviews-the greatest adventure sport:)) and finally a job to test my was fun!

Every minute was a learning moment, every phase a chapter..till today…when i realised that its time for me to hunt down those dreams.

Dreams..,as a child i would peep out of the windows and think..why those stars were out of my reach…why my mom travel 6 hrs to work, DAILY..why i was shy to express my feelings to the first(…till th last) girl i liked ..why my dog died before me…why am i so near to my dreams yet so far away……..and then i wake up to the cellphone ring .. and here i am; a decade and a half from the first dreams i could remember.

Its because of those small dreams and that great grand vision(the liberty to speak abt it has been forfeited due to threats of copyright issues in future…after all the vision is mine and nobody should reach to it before me na?)..that i m writing these notes…and from here they start; i call it – a confession to my long lost love, my childhood.

with all sincerity,
deej (DJ)

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