she woke me up!

a Dream could never be so long,
as a Breeze can never be too strong.

i Cared for all of hers in my life,
as i Share my dreams to strive.

yet She left me so strangely,
yes Fate always acts so cruely.

I am so used to distant voices, always asking me to or not to do what I won’t or shall do. Yet I always disobeyed and never have I regretted it, as distant sound is minds fear, your suspicion.

It was a different kind of distant voice this time, not of my dad’s (thank God it isn’t as he always make me tremble tremendously), not of my mom’s (oh not that sweet voice, alas!), not my conscience either (if I had one). It was her.

The haze of my deep, rocking, sleep melted away like a jelly in a pot. But I was still rocking though. The fact that I was inside a big steel cage with lots of people frightened me before it dawned that I was travelling in a train. I laughed at my stupid thoughts till she shouted “Please stop it”.

I was surprised, not to mention my confusion. How could she possibly read my thoughts?. A heavy rap song spoiled the entire mood and I wanted to break the kid’s head; the same chap who slept on the berth under mine.

He was listening to all these noisy music yesterday, whole day. I hate such fast, non-understandable music, that’s why I have it as my alarm. It always helps me wake up on….Oh gosh! Its my alarm not the kid’s walkman that is ringing…

Now it dawned, in my head and not in the cloudy saffron coloured morning sky. She was mighty pissed at my alarm and was waking me up to stop it. I obliged and after several attempts of search…. like CID Pradyumnan *giggles* she is staring at me, why can’t we men giggle?…i found my cell phone and turned the alarm off…

Off she went back to her berth and peace prevailed. The old couple, who were annoyed by our small commotion, seemed relieved.

I sat upright, with my back resting on the window pane, staring at the sleeping beauty. No one with sane mind will believe that she could create so much drama over a silly alarm.

Hours passed by and a lethargic self kept on staring at her. She should be in her mid 20’s, travelling all alone (should be to her college) with two small bags and lots of magazines.

A sudden shout of “Chai Chai” woke me up. Staring at my phones display I realized that I had been awake yet sleeping for almost four hours.

I looked around to find the old couple packing their hand bags.Where am I?. I searched for her, looking all round, but she and her bags were missing. Was that a dream? The crumpled up sheets where she rested said it isn’t! Her bags and magazines where missing except for one.

I went over to her bed and took the magazine. Flipping over the pages I saw her name written in calibri style across an actress’s cheek on the front cover. I have a name now and nothing else. I stared at the magazine and laughed. What a way to wake up!

The old woman across my berth stared at me. She might be scared that I lost sanity. But the old man smiled….., a knowing smile.

Maybe he might have woken up like this one day, waking up into a dream!………

All my search on her name in various social networking sites were futile. Made me doubt the reality a dream. When the old lady across my berth went for the loo, her old man whispered. “She got down at Vizag with her brother (the kid who slept under your berth) leaving the magazine for you.” I stared at him and we laughed….another laugh startled us…it was the old lady across my berth…we all laughed together.

We talked from then on….their story I will share some other day. Till date I often wake up into the same old face of hers…sometimes from sleep or sometimes from a meeting or at times while reading or listening to music…..I wake up into reality…a dream bygone……!

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