love, passion, emotion…

‘How cannot I be so confused,
When I see passion in love and love in passion.

All vibrant colors of emotion,
A pitch black confusion.

Some stand out upfront,
To confuse, as if its different.

But I know for sure,
Without others, its not so pure.

A plethora of deception,
A minds game of inception.’

I am still so confused after meeting the man who calls himself a serial entreprenuer. Who is he? An entreprenuer who wants to built an empire, thirsty for fame and power; or a passionate connoisseur who wants to make a difference in people’s palate?

I met him at a social platform where he was aggressively propagating his innovative business model in selling food. Then it stopped abruptly, I wondered why! While passing through the area, I met him. I was surprised to meet him at the parking, taking orders. He was filling in for someone else.

He came to my car and asked, ‘would you like to order something from *****?’. I said I was looking for someone. Instantly, he replied, ‘is it Mr. S, he is not here today’. That’s when I realised he had assigned a particular staff to attend different customers to offer a personal touch. Quite unique huh!

I was surprised by his language and passion with which he spoke of his first two entrepreneurial ventures. Both of them were software companies. Then why venture into food now?

Answer was evident from his suggestions of what to eat and ‘what not to eat’. Has to admit that his ground work before venturing into this business was awesome. Did you know that 95% of restaurants close down within the first six months of their opening??

We talked and talked, and when it was time to leave, he took my number and said, we will stay in touch. Mostly, being a salesperson I can vouch, people do not follow-up with someone who just had a bottle of soft drink apart from showing interest in your venture. But he pinged me on my twitter id to thank me for visiting.

I am confused, is he just passionate about his work or is he in love with it. What is that emotion which makes him so dedicated to this venture?

Best regards,


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